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3D Bear U-Shaped Long Bolster (Beige)

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The Ultimate Newborn Baby's Bed Protector During Confinement

Your newborn is a marvel to behold.

Our 3D Bear U-Shaped Long Bolster is delicately designed, creating a comforting psychological effect that helps newborns enjoy a quiet, restful sleeps. This natural cotton filling gives our bolsters an ultra-soft feel while maintaining rigidity to prevent newborn babies from rolling over in trolley bed. 

As your newborn babies spend most of their time on their back, keeping them in a healthy sleeping posture becomes very crucial for you. A baby bolster not only provides firm support to your baby's neck but also establishes a proper alignment between his/her head, neck and spine during sleep. 


  • Provides a sense of comfort and security for newborn babies.
  • Establishes a proper alignment between his/her head, neck and spine during sleep.
  • Prevents potential injuries such as from rolling over in the confinement center's trolley bed.
  • Normally used in hospital trolley bed or confinement centers.

Product Size:

112.0 cm x 7.5 cm