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Signature Premium Baby Crib (Grey)

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Great versatility combines every function of Modern Cot Bed with bamboo fiber sleep mattress for your little ones

Are you feeling bored with the traditional rectangle baby crib shape? 

Featuring a magnificent shape with curved panel, our Premium Elegance Baby Crib is the perfect first bed for your baby. Its distinctive oval shape creates a cozy nest-like environment, lockable swivel wheels make it easy to move from room to room, and the height adjustable mattress base makes lifting your infant in and out easier. With its sleek bars, it is meant to make your baby feel free and airy. As your child gets a little bigger, upgrade from mini round shaped to our oval-shaped bed! 

One of the best things about FLYBYFLY baby cribs is that the coat of paint used is non-toxic, and therefore will not cause any health issues for your little ones. Rest assured that the crib is extremely easy to assemble. The unique part would be this baby cot could convert into lounge chair when your kids grow up!

With newborn babies sleeping on average 14 hours per day, FLYBYFLY® know the importance of a quality baby mattress to your baby. We will never compromise on doing what is best for your child. Our carefully sourced highly elastic polymer mattress not only is made of soft bamboo polyester fabric, but also features a Dupont Tyvek waterproof cover. The top cover of our Bamboo mattress consists of bamboo & polyester fibers to keep the mattress moisture-free yet breathable. It is removable and machine washable. At the same time, the mattress is elastic and adapts perfectly to your baby. This material is especially suitable for our hot and humid climate. 

Crib Features:

  • Customizable oval or round shaped; from mini crib to bed
  • Lockable swivel wheels 
  • *Height adjustable base*; two (2) different height level
  • Solid rubberwood with MDF, with food grade safely paint finishing
  • Easy assembly; convert into lounge chair when kids grow up

Why choose our Bamboo + Polyester mattress?

  • 2-in-1 convertible mattress. You decide if it's oval or round shape mattress.
  • 40% Bamboo + 60% Polyester sleep surface promoting better air circulation
  • Soft and comfortable inbuilt waterproof, anti-mite mattress
  • Removable mattress cover allowing easy wash
  • Anti-bacterial, anti allergy, anti mites waterproof mattress protector included

Product Size: 

Oval Baby Crib : L 128.0cm x W 72.8cm x H 85.0cm (included wheel height)

Round Baby Crib : L 72.8.0cm x W 72.8cm x H 85.0cm (included wheel height)

Changing Table :  L 56.0cm x W 72.8cm x H 78.5cm (excluded wheel height)

Oval 2-in-1 Mattress : L 122.0cm x W 55.5cm x H 5.0cm

Round 2-in-1 Mattress :  L 66.0cm x W 55.5cm x H 5.0cm

Oval 2-in-1 Mattress Cover : L 122.0cm x W 66.0cm x H 6.0cm

Round 2-in1 Mattress Cover : D 66.0cm x H 6.0cm

3D Bear Accessories : L 52.0cm x W 25.0cm

*Adjustable Base*

The cot base can be adjusted to two (2) heights as baby grows. From birth until baby can roll over, use the highest level to easily lift your little one in and out. The lowest height is suitable until baby can pull up to standing.