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Frequently Asked Questions - BNPL with Split 


What is Split? 

Split is an instalment payment service that allows stores to offer their customers the choice of paying in up to 3 equal monthly payments online, in-store or over any chat app.

Your remaining instalments will be auto-deducted in the following months (don’t worry, we believe in 100% transparency and we’ll notify before any deduction)

Why did Split reject my card?

Possible reasons include insufficient amount in the card or your bank may be blocking e-commerce transactions. Additionally please ensure you aren’t using a prepaid card, Split accepts debit and credit cards.

Who can use Split?

Residents of Malaysia above the age of 18. Owns a credit or debit card.

Does Split charge fees? 

Split is always free for people to use - no interest, late fees, processing fees or any hidden fees. A minimum spend of RM500.00 is required in order to be eligible for Pay with Split.

How to pay with Split?


With your selected items at checkout, simply choose the “Split” payment method.


Enter your details and pay your first instalment with any payment card.


Purchase complete! For your reference, we’ll email you a summary of your remaining instalments and their due dates.

Orders and refunds

When do I receive the order? Do I have to finish paying before I get my product?

No, you don’t! Once your first instalment has been successfully paid, FLYBYFLY will begin processing and shipping your order. 

What happens when I pay late?

Split does not charge any late fees. (Neither do FLYBYFLY!) Please ensure that you are able to pay your instalments on time, and if you foresee difficulties in payment, please reach out to Split’s customer service team at support@paywithsplit.co 

About Instalments

How many Split instalment plans can I have at a time?

New users are only allowed to have 1 active instalment plan at a time. 

How many products can I have in ONE instalment plan? Is there a maximum amount for instalments?

There is a maximum limit of RM3000 on FLYBYFLY products or max amount in instalments, however we encourage everyone to shop responsibly. 

Can I pay off my instalments early?

Of course! You can do so at dashboard.paywithsplit.co and click first-time login.

When will my card be automatically charged?

Exactly one month from the first day of purchase. For example, you paid your first instalment on 1 March. Your next instalments will be 1 April and 1 May. You can also check your confirmation email from FLYBYFLY and Split.

Can I have 4 or 6 month instalment plans?

Unfortunately no, we only offer to 3 monthly instalments.