Designing a Nursery in 4 Easy Steps

Designing a Nursery in 4 Easy Steps

The decisions that come along with having a baby and raising a tiny human are endless. Although some of those decisions can feel quite daunting, we’re here to tell you that at least one of them can feel easy and even fun. Here’s your go-to guide to what you need to know when putting together your new baby’s happy place. The most important thing you can do in creating this space is to design a nursery that makes you smile, relax and enjoy. After all, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the room.

1. Somewhere for baby to sleep

Whether in a bassinet or crib, baby will need to sleep somewhere. You’ll also need a mattress and sheets, a mattress protector for accidents, and something to bundle baby up in when cold. Crib skirts aren’t necessary, cuddly toys and blankets should stay out of the bed until baby is older. And don’t forget curtains or blinds—you’ll want to be able to make the room dark for nice, long naps.

2. Somewhere to change the baby

If you’re absolutely desperate, you can change the baby on the floor, but immediately after labor it’s better to not have to bend down so much. You’ll need a wipeable change mat and possibly a cover if you want it to look pretty. Add a trash can or laundry bucket with a lid depending on if you’re a disposables or washables parent, though you might prefer not to keep it in the nursery. No need to buy a changing table: any flat surface at a good height for you with a changing mat on top works. Many parents use a dresser for this purpose because you’ll also need…

3. Somewhere to store all of baby’s stuff

Having a baby is like pushing a snowball down a mountain: they accumulate a lot of stuff… and more and more stuff. You’ll need somewhere to store baby’s clothes, changing bits and pieces, and toys. A dresser plus some storage bins—in a bookshelf, if you like—will usually suffice.

4. Somewhere to feed the baby

Of course you can feed baby anywhere, but having a dedicated space in the nursery gives you a place to go that’s private and quiet, apart from the rest of the sleeping/raucous house (depending on the time of day). You’ll need a comfy chair—whatever’s comfortable for you. Make sure the chair is next to a flat place where you can rest a glass of water and possibly a nightlight/lamp so that you don’t have to be blinded by a bright overhead light in the middle of the night.

When it comes to decor, the only rule to follow is that there aren’t really rules. If you fill your space with things that make you happy, the result will be beautiful and will make you happy. Remember, it’s your home. It’s for your family. If it makes you smile, then it’s perfect. Happy decorating! And congrats on your new bundle of joy…it’s going to be an awesome ride. Share your ideas with us at #FlybyflyMalaysia 

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